For Victims


Did you receive a letter saying that your application could not be approved?

If so, here are the next steps to appeal.

  1. Submit your Appeal Request Document form by fax, mail, or email within 30 days of the decision letter.
  2. If you have additional documents you would like for us to review, please submit them with your Appeal Request Document.
  3. If there was good cause for your delay, such as missing a deadline because of a hospital stay or when the victim was a child who did not immediately disclose the crime, please provide the circumstances on your Appeal Request Document.
  4. If you need assistance with your appeal request, our trained program advocates are available to help. Please call 800.547.0060 and ask to be connected with one.


How the Appeal Process Works

If the application is not approved in its current state, a victim/claimant may submit a written appeal to the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Board within 30 days of receiving the letter. Appeals not received within 30 days are not eligible for further review and no further action will be taken by the Board or staff.

Once an appeal has been received, if your request meets the criteria to be addressed by the Division Director, you will receive a letter informing you of the decision. However, if your claim needs to be reviewed by the Board, it meets quarterly (every 3 months) and you will receive a letter letting you know the date, time and location of the hearing. If the appeal is forwarded to the Board, the victim/claimant will be notified by mail of the Board’s decision within 10 days of the hearing.