Payment in Full Notification

On July 1, 2022, HB 141 will become effective! HB141 will impact all medical bills with a date of service on or after July 1, 2022, as follows:

  1. Payments will be deemed “payment in full” once paid and accepted by the provider.
  2. Medical bills for uninsured victims will be paid in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation fee schedule.

What does this mean for the crime victims we serve?

  1. Providers will no longer be able to bill claimants for the remaining monies owed on their medical bill. This ensures crime victims don’t suffer additional trauma from agencies attempting to collect on bills related to their victimization.
  2. With medical bills being paid at a reduced rate, claimants may be able to maximize their $15,000 medical cap to address outstanding medical expenses and thus further reduce their financial burden.

We will be sharing more information with you in the upcoming weeks and will provide multiple opportunities for questions and feedback via webinars and training.

If you have any questions on HB141, please email your inquiries to